Just Around the Corner

Informant: Female/19/mixed
Location: Aiea, Oahu

My grandmother used own a large house in Aiea a few years ago. I would go over all the time to spend time with her, but there was something about the house that gave me the chills.

Her house had a long dark hall way that connected the two bedrooms and bath to the living room and the kitchen. Whenever I would play in the living room my back would be facing the hallway. On numerous occasions it would feel like someone or thing was watching. However whenever I'd turn around, I'd only catch a glance of a shadow. Just a suggestion of something disappearing around the corner into the kitchen out of view, or back down the hallway.

Whenever I'd investigate, there would be nothing of course, but I still didn't feel right about it, even as a young child. The house has been sold to a new family and I'm wondering if their children see it too.