The Tale of Whistling Shirley

Informant: Female/61/Portuguese-mixed ancestry
Location: Kapaa, Kauai

This story comes from my mother. I've heard it enough to tell it to you properly, I feel.

When my mother was a little girl, there was a terrible accident in her community. A little boy had drowned in a nearby reservoir. Shortly after his death, they started to hear rumors that his younger sister was able to communicate with him in the afterlife through whistling. She would speak, and he would whistle back.

It wasn't just a whistle the sister could hear, everyone nearby could also hear the whistling. People started to go to the house to see this "miracle" as they called it. My grandma forbade my grandpa from going to see it because she did not believe it was a miracle like everyone else believed (she was a very staunch Catholic). But my grandpa went anyway with my mom in tow.

When they got there, he told my mom and her cousin (who was also with them) to stay in the car while he went to the house. Not only did my grandpa hear the whistling in the house, my mother also heard it in the car.

My grandpa realized that something was not right and quickly returned to the car. They started to drive away and could still hear the whistling. They drove a few houses away and could still hear the whistling. They could hear the whistling all the way back home, as if it was in the car with them.

Needless to say my grandma was furious, and I think it's safe to say that my grandpa learned his lesson.


Spooked said...

This happened in the early 50s. I remember running into the house to listen to the radio. They broadcast at their home. They would ask the spirit questions and the spirit would reply in. A whistle. Shirley finally went to Oahu to live with rev Kiesel up in Palolo. If anyone has heard of this story please add your Macao.

Spooked said...

Aloha! Rev Kiesel was my tutu. Yes Shirley was brought to Honolulu by my Aunty Scudy who's daughter was Shirley's classmate and good friend. She came to my tutus because the priests tried to exercise her but failed and was told that they ended up getting drunk after failing exercising. My aunt knew that my tutu helped people with hooponopono so she asked tutu if she could help. Tutu had one condition..no one must know Shirley is coming there. The day Shirley arrived in Honolulu they got her in a car and went straight to tutus. When Sherley got out of the car tutus dog Stinky, who was a very lazy spaded dog who just sat around all day, ran up to Shirley and bit her on her thigh. They say dogs can see spirits and that's what Stinky saw and why she bit. Stinky has never showed anger before. That night they got a call from Kauai that her calf that she was raising was hit by a car in the same hip that Shirley was bitten. To be cont.

Anonymous said...

Continuing: Note: Tutu was Kahu at Ka Makua Mao loa and also did not like anyone to talk about what was going on. We were told not to talk about it. However, I just want everyone to know that this is not "make believe" but it really happened.

At night Shirley would turn the lights off and on, off and on. Then she would lie on the bed in a trance of some sort. Tutu would hold her hand and pray with her. We were told that they believed that spirits go into the body through the big toes. Aunty Scuddy stayed with tutu for awhile and witnessed everything along with my uncle Georgie and Aunty Piilani. Anyway, when Shirley was in her trance like state laying on the bed, grandpa,who was a big heavy set German Hawaiian, would stand at the end of the bed and grab Shirley by her big toes and bend them down as hard as he could. When he did this, Shirley was like a board and was raised straight up as grandpa bent her toes. This meant that Joseph's spirit was in Shirley. Not only did this happen a lot but when in this trance state she would spin around on the bed like a wheel, bounce in the air and thrown against the wall. Only prayer would slow this down. Tutu would tell my aunty Scuddy not to play with this spirit which she did alot. Aunty Scuddy would say"Joseph come sit on my shoulder". After a few days, Aunty was walking around with her left shoulder lower than her right. Another thing that was happening was at night, Stinky would sit outside the house by her bedroom and howl most of the night. So many things happened during her stay at tutus. She stayed with tutu for about a year.